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Hi, everyone!

Recently I've found a copy of another website, now it's from 1997
and it contains a lot of information on pinouts, adapters and such
stuff, which was common in mid-90s and early 00's
and might be helpful for old technology enthusiasts, like me! x3

Slightly more recent copy, from where I took this offline copy,
can be found here, at Belorussian archive of websites from 90s, FDD 5.25":
Click the image to explore the archive!

Holidays are over!

And here's what I've been doing all the holidays, in one picture and Pink Floyd quote:
E-a-a-ting, sle-e-e-eping, dri-i-i-nking their wine coffee...
Also I discovered three more games which for some reason
I didn't enjoy before:
Tails' Adventures, Grim Fandango and MDK 2!
I totally recommend these, if you care for puzzle solving,
platforming and, well, sentient cybernetic six-legged dogs,
who smoke cigars and use their multiple arms for shooting aliens.

Good news, everyone!
During last week I've managed to make a few improvements
to my humble web server, so now it backups to the cloud,
Art and Stuff sections now show real modification date and also they've
become more convenient and usable!

Oh, by the way - Happy New Year, everyone! =^^^=


Meanwhile on a server

Good news, everyone!
Today I've found a copy of an official ViewSonic website
on an old disc I've recently obtained!
Disc itself comes from 2000 and the copy from Spring of 1998! Here's the disc and the screenshot
(click on a photo/screenshot to browse it!)
Enjoy! =^^^=

That's all, folks!
19:11 05.12.2016 - Hayao Yokogawa
Good news, everyone!
Another server upgrade!
Server now has


That's all, folks!
21:51 14.09.2016 - Hayao Yokogawa
Good news, everyone!
Server now has its own super-duper display!
(just a regular Chinese display with composite input)
That's all, folks!
21:21 26.08.2016 - Hayao Yokogawa
Good news! Much and much more music to the radio playlist and huge thanks to
Azumaril! Please go and check out his awesome art!

Hukki by Azumaril!
That's all folks!
23:34 09.08.2016 - Hayao Yokogawa
Well, I suppose I'll put sum news here!

- First of all, I got my very own website running on my very own web server!

- Radio is finally stable and so far playlist consists of:
- Pink Floyd (one of the best known progressive rock bands)
- David Gilmour (solo) - just one song, but I guess Pink Floyd member is worth being mentioned
- Progres 2 (Czech progressive rock band)
- The Alan Parsons Project (Alan Parsons is responsible for mixing Dark Side of The Moon!)
- Camel (British progressive rock band)
- Flaming Bess (German band)
- Memoriance (French band, sadly, existed for a few years only AFAIK)
- Arjen Anthony Lucassen (solo) and one of his progressive metal bands, Star One
- Star Fox (1993, SNES) OST

Planning to add more music, mostly British bands, probably one more Czech jazz-rock band, Modry Efekt, that one just makes me air-guitaring a lot and probably Star Fox 2 soundtrack.

- I'm currently working on Telegram XMPP transport and I'm really pissed off about the configuration; XMPP server works fine itself, so I believe you can use a regular XMPP client and register!
- Mail works, but only for receieving mail - no matter what settings I put, huge mail services just refuse to take the mails from my domain and I'm thinking on how to fix that

That's all folks!
14:34 01.08.2016 - Hayao Yokogawa