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My trade part with Aotar!
Mr. Evil is being really evil, 'cause modern technologies weren't designed for Chinese dragons!

Mr. Evil
Just John, smoking in the midnight on his balcony and inflating his head with smoke x3

Smokin' in midnight
...And a more silly take on something to celebrate October, 4th!

60 years ago, on October 4, 1957 Soviet Union has launched the first artificial satellite - Sputnik-1, starting the space era.

60 years of space era
Doberman and arctic fox joke around x3

Zipt's been playing around as fairy, making some of his random citizens happy with their dreams coming true, so this time it's Star Fox brought to life for Bill, that random human guy and for fun Zipt as Star Fox members fuses altogether into a single, ultimate Star Fox - all in one convenient shapeshifting case :D
Gift art for my awesome friend from Canada - Kits!

The Ultimate Star Fox!
One morning Joesph accidentally encountered Dean on air (or Dean did? who knows :D ) and Dean does the best he can to show off those parallel versions of Joesph's favorite cartoon characters, checking if they exist in that enourmously large book :D

Dean's showing off!
Somebody thought Dean isn't that cartoony and took his pants off to reveal... more fox muzzles, drawn in a completely different manner. |3

Cartoon for Kids
That's Dean Pawleg, John Heads' cousin and his last name indicates his ability a bit before he became an interdimensional cartoon fox, which happens to have his own cartoon multiverse, which lays in the metaverses of Hukki, Hayao and Zipt x3
Though unlike his "bigger metaverse bros", Dean is always a cartoon himself (even if he's in "normal" reality!) and can be only a cartoony character... of your favorite TV series too ;3c So if somebody gets transformed into something else in cartoon - that was Dean for sure x3

Dean Pawleg!
Recently got me an issue of Izvestiya from 1991 and found this =O.o.o=
That's Hukki offering his shapeshifting skills to the public =o_o_o=
Of course it's just a Photoshop :D Though I do own this very newspaper and I used a scan of it x3

This very picture also spawned a new character in my shapeshifting panteon - Dean Pawleg!

Hukki on call!
One of my few T-shirt designs, inspired by and dedicated to Kraftwerk

Die Fuchs-Maschine
Short pic series, where my characters "cosplay" my favorite Darkwing Duck characters!

Darktic Multifox! Launchpad McHeads! Dr. Ziptenald Bushroot! Hukkivolt!
Bow before him! D:·
Gift art for amazing Azu!

Azu The Almighty Warrior
I've been working on a boombox kinda thing and I experienced a bit of a problem with high frequency noise x3 So I turned into a larger capacitor and said STAHP x3

Darn high frequency noise!
I dunno, I like drawing mornings!
So there's John Heads' morning - stretching both literally and not literally, he plugs himself into a wall for breakfast and makes a few sips of electrolyte instead of ur usual coffee (he's a polymer fox, right? x3) x3

Late at night, John finally manages to fix his cab! Good thing he's now polymer fox - no need to spend a lot of time to become big and strong and no need in specific tools - he is a tool himself! x3

Good job!
John Heads figures out he can inflate himself like a balloon, and so he does try it out! x3

Haha, I'm so big!~
That's Heads again, happily cycling somewhere, using his full capabilities! x3
Seems like Hayao went a bit overboard last time, so last changes to John Dough Heads (dat's his full name!) caused him to become a some sort of polymer fox, allowing Heads to fit any space, take any form (form only!) and now usual food are no longer usual for him - instead the real "food" for him now is electricity, while your usual pizza is okay too, but it'll have almost no effect to his mass =^^^"=
Although he still has limits - while technically he can split to more foxes and rearrange his body parts, he cannot have more than one eye and one ear to a fox, once he splits more than 2 times *shrugs*

Cycling Heads!~
After quite a tiring posing session, Hayao grants them with a knowledge they're able to control their mass in much more flexible ways, allowing much more bizarre body configurations! Of course they're quite happy with that, since their cab isn't quite stable at times and it might take plenty of time to fix it without special tech :3c

Whoa, new ability!
Just me ·:3c

Hayao again
last few days some odd fluctuations in his black foxhole caused quite the heat, leading him to abandon fur for a bunch of hot days

Sometimes he can't control his shapeshifting/interdimensional powers well, so this time it caused him to go back in 1972 right in between of Super Series and well, he accidentally absorbed and got morphed into a few fans and a bunch of hockey players on ice - oops!
Initial idea - ArrogantKitsune ;3

Hayao goes hockey!

Zipt goes zoot!
Hayao as a taur being fancy and wearing sum jeans! x3

Hayao taur!
Ziptaur teen says

Oh hai!
JOIN THE INTERSTELLAR ARCTIC FOX RANKS TODAY! - suprematic fox encourages you to become a powerful arctic fox with him! x3

Zipteen on a beach! :3

Young Zipt~
Zipt Rescue Team - call in case of urgent need of sci-fi-ish alien foxes!

Zipts For The Rescue!
Handsome spider-fox for Aviannapper!
Check his awesome art out =^u^u^=

Shy spiderfox :3c
Me on my 22th birthday!

Kiriban art for ArrogantKitsune!
She writes amazing transformation stories, so please check her page out! =^u^u^= <3

ZiptKits <3
Well, apparently after such an uncomfy trip they got closer, so they're now walking in the park!
So good to get new friends, isn't it? :3c

Walk in the park
Ever heard of PAZ buses? Those are really tight, especially for those two...

Tight Fit~
Fox is having more fun with his shapeshifting abilities!

Do[odle] a Barrel Shape [12]
Poor Alfred had too much purple!
And I, apparently, had too much beige :D

Somebody had too much purple...
Volleyball player!

Volleyball player
gryyfin just got his fresh
and new foxcaptain model N-001 and N-002!
This experimental model comes rigged up with some fancy shapeshifting abilities
and great underwater performance! x3

Foxcaptain N-001 and N-002
A request for gryyfin,
a nice young photographer (go check out his works!)

The Ultimate Foxcaptain!
Inspired by retrowave :D

3133t3 H4xx0R
Yet another morning inspired doodle. morning wood(s)

Parallel Hayao (yeah =o_o_o= ), which is a Tibetan fox
is not amused by the goodies of Arctic Fox Zen.

Tibetan Fox Zen is all about tea =>_>_>=
who even needs tea anyway =<_<_<=

Young Heads' first day of the first year in college, hehe!

First Year in College
Young Heads learns something new about art with dad!

A Visit To The Art Gallery
Don't you hate it when you cab breaks in the middle of nowhere?..

Piece of c-- *cough-cough*
Back in college, Heads discovered he could actually split even more! And as we can see his second head is quite shocked to learn that! =^^^=

Heads' New Discovery
Taxi driver Heads was young too! And his little special ability
sometimes led to this kind of situation, when the one of his part
was more awake than another... x3

Young Heads' morning
When you realise fox taxis weren't designed for bears

Taxi Driver
This time Fox has a plan and just for this plan he decides
to bring Star Wolf members back, although they're still
a part of Fox...

Do[odle] A Barrel Shape [11]
New Year started to me with two games:
Tails' Adventures and Grim Fandango.
I enjoyed both quite a lot, first for amazing graphics (Game Gear!),
and second for its story and characters.
So when I first saw Glottis in Grim Fandango I realised
he's somewhat similar to Tails - both are mechanics,
both are red and both are somewhat lonely...
And then I combined them in one. ·:D

An amazing art from Badenov!
(check her page for more!)
Thanks so much and once again, hope you enjoyed my trade part! =^^^=

Badenov's DeviantArt page
A gift from Tails-Zet,
depicting my character replacing Fox McCloud. x3

Hayao McCloud by tails-zet
A gift art for Azumaril!
Thanks a lot for motivation and help!

99th anniversary of The Great October Socialistic Revolution!

So this is why you need big brain - for manupulating matter, of course!

Brain Z
Y'know, Russia, bears, cold... =>.>.>=

It's hard to be a stereotype, y'know
Well, eh, no wonder I'm so big x3

A drawing of a character we came up with Weirdough during RP.

Recent drawing of Hukki!

And a recent drawing of my character - mature yet silly. x3

A doodle of some quite busty gooey canine girl...

Gooey Gurl
A piece from short series I made.
Fox McCloud, infected by an aparoid, manages to take over its mind and gained its shapeshifting and, well, infecting abilities...

Do[odle] a Barrel Shape 7
A piece from short series I made.
Fox McCloud, infected by an aparoid, manages to take over its mind and gained its shapeshifting and, well, infecting abilities...

Do[odle] a Barrel Shape 6
Apparently that butterfly wasn't that regular butterfly you see...

Birthday gift art I did for Azumaril! =^^^=

If you'd become an arctic fox...
Hayao turned into a nice fluffy and soft bed! x3

The very first commission I ever did and it's for Rapido!
I think I'll move to Corel Painter...

Just Add Water!

Lunch time at work!
First time trying out Corel PAINter 11 and despite the fact it lags out a lot on quite a modern PC I liked it for being made purely for painting! Lunch time
Doing some job on a website! Yup, I do actually use an old laptop as a thin client for my RPi 2 Model B!(Toshiba Tecra 510CDT from 1997, an awesome laptop as for its time and for current time as a solution for DOS gaming!) Tuning some laptop
So, uh, in Russian " " (fat arctic fox) is an euphemism for another saying, meaning "epic fail", and " [] " (covered with a [copper] basin) is also an euphemism for yet another saying, meaning almost the same - "epic fail", "go kaput". I am *proudly* presenting an official canon symbol for Arctic Fox Zen - fat arctic fox sitting on a broken copper basin (dat fox is heavy!), drinking some coffee! Basically it means that someday everything's going to be under the basin, so no need to worry, just stay calm, be fat and soft, and drink some coffee. x3 Arctic Fox Zen
Our arctic foxes in space - hymn to the Weirdness! Original quality
Preview of an upcoming drawing, pretty bad one.

Frankly, Gyro agreed to be fused with Hukki to be able to do more experiments, so they ended up looking like that! =^u^u^=

Hukki's Shopkeeping Days [14]
Awesome three-legged wolf render from dacoomes! Thanks a lot for doing it! =^u^u^=

Wolf for Hayao (original)
Placeholder for artworks!

Business Frog and IT Fox