Furry Mods
Download Creator Description
Atreya Mods Atreya Full sets of bunny and fox accessories, plus a couple other accessories.
Bunny and Rabbit Stuff Seilyne Ears and tails for bunnies and rabbits. Carrots sold separately.
GeneralZoi's Furry Accessories GeneralZoi Every furry accessory ever made by GeneralZoi, one of the most prominent furry modders of the game. Full set of anthro fish acessorries, multiple kinds of ears, horns, tails, and more!
GeneralZoi's Furry Skintones GeneralZoi A crab skintone, a gill skintone and a shark skintone.
Naga Sims WickedSims A set of naga (half-human half-snake) sim bodies for all age groups.
Scalie Skintones and Accessories Draconious Ever wanted to have lizard people living in your town? Oh boy, do I have the set of mods for you!
Sonic Costumes Akima and KindGenius Sonic character costumes for The Sims 2. Includes Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rogue, Silver and Blaze. And yes, the Sonic fandom made Sonamy videos with these.

All other furry mods from MTS Mkvenner, Morganthe, Ren, SaraCentner and Sheyza Every other furry mod available on MTS. Cat ears, cat tails and a full set of Siberian Cat accessories.
GenenSims Mods
Download Creator Description
GenenSims Accessories GenenSims All of the accessories from the site.
GenenSims Eyes GenenSims All of the eyes from the site.
Bizzare Skins GenenSims Bizzare skins from the site..
Transformation Vials Bobcatben [Requires the University expansion pack to work.] With these vials, your human sims will be able to become an anthro animal themselves! It only changes their skintone, you'll have to add the accessories manually. You will have to use the included SkinPreserver mod if you want your sims to keep their new animal skins.
Behaviour Mods
Download Creator Description
All Pee In Shower Squinge Allows all sims to pee in the shower! Hooray! ::D
Anyone Fight Burglars reaperwithnoname Allows all sims to fight off those nasty burglars!
Casual Dress For Work Chaavik [Requires the Apartment Life expansion pack to work.] Your sims will change into their everyday outfit instead of their work clothes when going to work. This mod is loved by costumed sims, nudist sims and lazy sims alike!
Additional Mods
Download Creator Description
See Them 2 Dave Luv A little program that removes the censor blur. Also allows you to rotate objects 45 degrees. Neat.
ZX Spectrum Numenor An interactive ZX Spectrum your sims can play and create games on! Your sims can sell their games afterwards too. The quality of their game depends on their Logic, Mechanical and Art skills. They will also need Charisma to sell their games at a higher price.

Fun facts!

• The first ever anthro animals modded into a Sims game... were foxes! SimFoxes, by Charles Caffrey, was a Sims 1 mod that did just that.

• Later, the web hosting for SimFoxes went down. It was rehosted by another guy called BastDawn, along with an expanded version he made called SimRaccoons. This was an expanded set featuring raccoons, skunks, wolves and rabbits along with the original foxes. So yeah, if you ever wanted to re-enact your Zootopia X Beastars crossover fanfic in the first Sims game, you can! ::P

• One of the more interesting The Sims 1 mods was SliceCity. It let you build a micro-sized city in your sim's backyard. Your sim could even smash up the buildings and stomp on the tiny, tiny citizens. Combined with SimRaccoons, I bet you macrofurs would absolutely get a kick out of this mod~

• Why aren't there any new Sims 2 furry mods in over a decade, despite The Sims 2 modding scene being still alive? I believe it's because of how ugly anthro Sims look without extensive facial editing in TS2. The lack of any snouts really pulls the uncanny valley looks together. We had to wait until the later years of The Sims 4 for the second explosion in furry Sims mods. I guess everyone was too busy playing Animal Crossing in the meantime.

• The majority, if not the only decent The Sims 3 furry mods are available at "My Sims Fantasy"... behind a paywall. What a bummer.

• It's been over 20 years since this series first began and there STILL aren't any anthro mutated demon pig mods! Not even anthro regular pig ones! I'm very dissapointed in you, Sims community. >::C

• The Sims 2 garnered a controversy led by Jack Thompson (yes, the GTA Hot Coffee case guy), who claimed the game was too innapropriate for children. He stated that there were detailed genitals on the sims behind the censor blurs, thus proving he didn't know anything about the game. All this resulted in the developers removing a blur-disabling cheatcode in The Sims 2 University and nothing else. But hey, at least we can be assured that Animal Crossing, the most family-friendly game ever, will never get any kind of disturbing nude mods that would do something as absurdly naughty as undressing genital-less peeps. Thank goodness for th- HAHA PSYCH!